Joanne Faivre is a swiss artist from the Neuchâtel mountains and living in Biel. After a year at the Académie Maximilien de Meuron in Neuchâtel and a preparatory year at the School of Visual Arts in Biel, she graduated in illustration at the ESAD of Strasbourg.

It is through drawing, painting and murals that she brings to life her abundant universe where dreams, myths and symbols intertwine, life experiences transcribed into archetypes. A world inspired by numerous travels or drawn from the unconscious; fertile ground for collective imagination, from which images tinged with raw and primitive art emerge. Fanciful characters, mythological representations, dreamlike images, so many forms which translate an inner experience and the effervescent vision she has of reality and which she tirelessly seeks to retransmit. Each of its characters asks the question of origin and meaning.